/Lucky times for Tripod
Tripod hangs out on a cat perch in Blue Water Area Humane Society’s free range cat room. Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin

Lucky times for Tripod

A cat with three legs

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

At first glance, he may seem like your everyday ordinary black cat, but take a closer look, and you’ll see that this normal cat is anything but.
He is known around the Blue Water Area Humane Society (BWHS) by three names, Lucky, Mr. Mom, and more commonly, Tripod.
Tripod was brought into the humane society in 2010 when he was a kitten by a couple and their three young children. They had found him with his bone sticking out of his back right leg. Unsure as to what happened to him, the volunteers then took Tripod to a veterinarian who regularly works with the humane society.
After Tripod was healed, the family who had found him asked to adopt the young feline. The staff at BWHS weren’t sure how he would deal with the healing process around three young kids, so they declined the adoption request.
“We kept him and come to find out he was obsessive compulsive, he would lick his fur until he was bald in spots,” Said Carl Erickson, a regular volunteer at BWHS.
According to icatcare.org, frustration and anxiety due to losing a leg can make the cat feel unsettled, and may lead to distressed and altered behavior.
This most likely explains Tripod’s obsessive licking habits.
To try and distract Tripod from his compulsive behavior, the volunteer’s placed him in a free range cat room that held a number of kittens.
“The Kitten’s just gravitate to him like he’s made out of Velcro, he washes and grooms them and no matter what room we put him in the other cats just love him,” Erickson said.
Tripod’s nurturing and loving attitude towards kittens is what gave him the nickname Mr. Mom. When his Mr. Mom personality began to take notice, Erickson and the other volunteers decided that it would be best for him to stay there as a shelter cat.
Erickson said that Tripod has no trouble getting around and climbing on the cat towers, and that his attitude is accepting, “He just acts like ‘I have three legs and that’s what I’ve got’ and he gets along fine with it.”