/Low priced treats from SC4 clubs
From left to right: Will Warner, Tonya Snover, James Woolman all members of Market and Management Club. Photo credit: Nicole Hatcher

Low priced treats from SC4 clubs

Marketing and Management and Zombie Defense Council host bake sale

Nichole Hatcher
Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 18, the Marketing and Management Club joined forces with the Zombie Defense Council to have a bake sale on the first floor of the main building and in the college center.
The bake sale started at 10 a.m. with a table filled with homemade goodies and ended with an empty table around 4 p.m.
Prices ranged from cookies at 25 cents to a bag of puppy chow for 1 dollar.
The table featured all different types of treats. The selection included fruity pebble treats, cupcakes with green sprinkles, sliced banana bread, blueberry muffins, cookies and puppy chow. They even had green Rice Krispy treats to stick with the St. Patrick’s Day theme from the day before.
Tonya Snover said that the biggest hit was “Blueberry muffins.” She stated that they had sold all of them within their first hour of opening the bake sale.
The table in the main building had been set up right in front of the vending machines so that students and professors could smell and see the goodies as they walked to and from class.
The president of Marketing and Management James Woolman said, “The reason we joined forces with the Zombie Defense Council was to prove that clubs can join together and do things and have success.”
When it was all said and done both clubs made a combined profit of $180. Their plan was to split the money down the middle. Each club walked away with $90.
James Woolman said, “We had so much fun and we for sure want to do more events next year with more clubs, if not all of the clubs.”