/E-cig or no cig
A student smokes an electronic cigarette outside of the main building. Photo credit: Angie Stoecklin

E-cig or no cig

SC4’s tobacco ban to include E-cigarettes

Angie Stoecklin
Copy Editor

While SC4 makes moves to implement the new smoke free campus to go in effect August 1 of this year, a particular addition to the rule is beginning to draw student attention.
In addition to banning tobacco use spanning every inch of SC4 grounds, electronic cigarettes are also on the list.
For those who do not know, electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that allow a person to get their nicotine fix without the harmful side effects of normal cigarette smoking.
Electronic cigarette fluid has three ingredients, nicotine, propylene glycol, and artificial flavoring. The vapor is easily dispersed into the air and leaves little to no smell.
A perfect solution right?
Wrong. Even though Michigan’s Smoke Free Air Law, which was implemented in 2010, specifically states that although cigarette smoking is banned in all public buildings, electronic cigarettes are not.
However, according to Todd Orlando, manager of the Tobacco Section of the Michigan Department of Community Health, SC4 has every right to ban e-cigarettes.
“Although electronic cigarettes are not covered by Michigan’s Smoke Free Air Law (Public Act 188), business owners and operators are within their legal rights to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes on or within properties they own or operate,” Orlando said.
With the addition of e-cigarettes, the board’s new policy includes all other tobacco and smoke products.
“E-cigarettes are smoking related and are still under review by the Surgeon General in regards to potential health effects. The policy is consistent with many college/university campuses,” said Pete Lacey, vice president of Student Services at SC4.
Several universities such as the University of Michigan have added electronic cigarettes to their no smoking policy.
Smoking bans are a growing trend among colleges.
With the ban scheduled to go into effect this year, the main question now is how the college plans to enforce this ban.
Lacey stated that the board has designated enforcement responsibilities to college administration. The guidelines for enforcement are currently being decided upon by task force. Those guidelines are said to be in place by April or May.
“In regard to enforcement, the taskforce is reviewing practices from other college campuses and we plan to take a ‘student friendly’ approach by politely reminding students that we are a smoke/tobacco free campus,” Lacey said.
In the event we experience repeat abuse, we are discussing a phased approach with potential increased discipline for code of conduct violations along the way.”
Students who wish to share feedback of possible implementation and/or enforcement of the ban are encouraged to send an e-mail to smoketobaccofree@sc4.edu.
All suggestions will be reviewed by the taskforce.