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Dale Vos, coach of the Men’s Skippers basketball team, stands in his domain where he lifted the 68-consecutive game losing streak at SC4 years ago. Photo credit: Nick “Chico” Hernandez.

Dale Vos profile

Athletic director talks about himself and basketball

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

The bouncing of basketballs can be heard throughout SC4’s gymnasium many times during the week. While noise to others, to Dale Vos it is the fine tuning of human instruments in preparation for a symphonic concert of athletics.
Vos, 48, originally came from Zeeland, Michigan and has now lived in Port Huron for 22 years. All 22 years have been spent working for SC4.
In his time away from work, Vos spends time with his wife Beth and their three children. Two of which are twin siblings of 13 years old, a boy and a girl (Dane and Erin). The youngest being a girl of 10 years, Zoey. Vos also owns a cat, Stormy, and has admitted to being a cat person since his college days.
Before working as athletic director for SC4, Vos put in five years at Alma College; the 5th year as an assistant basketball coach. While there, he recruited students to play basketball. On his way up to an end-of-the-season tournament for community college, Vos stopped to use a pay phone at a rest area in Toledo.
He dialed the coach of Schoolcraft College to inquire about a possible recruit, and was informed of the open spot for a basketball coach at SC4.
“I came here just as the men’s basketball coach, taught a few classes to help me survive. It was only a few years in that I got a chance to be the athletic director” Vos said of his career at SC4.
What may have helped Vos rise to the rank of athletic director was the game of Nov. 13, 1991. Up to that game, SC4 had held a terrible losing streak. 68 consecutive games had been lost, the worst losing streak in the country on a college level.
Like the plot to a ‘90s high school drama, SC4 won over Jordon College with 100-97, breaking the curse and lifting the spirits of everyone involved; especially Vos, since this was his first game as coach.
While he admits they didn’t rank 1st in Conference (SC4 is ranked 4th), Vos said “This season was the most enjoyable.” The whole team was fairly new%