/Counting down to a career
Panelists from last year’s “Dress for Success,” from left to right: Jennifer Crabtree, Sarah Hayden, April Cook, Jim Relken. “Dress for Success” is one of the four events the Countdown2Career consists of.

Counting down to a career

Marketing and Management Club hosts skill building program

Erick Fredendall

Marketing and Management Club is to host the fourth annual Countdown2Career event throughout late March and early April.
Countdown2Career falls on four different Tuesdays from 4:30 to 5 p.m. in the Fine Arts Theatre, each day covering a different topic.
Events are on March 25 and April 1, April 15, and April 22.
Countdown2Career is a skill building workshop designed and hosted by SC4’s Marketing and Management Club to help provide agency to students embarking on the hunt for a career.
“Our students really need “soft skills” and this program helps them get it,” said Dan McCarty, Marketing and Management Club advisor.

dressing professionally
Dressing professionally

The program includes tips and advice on various aspects of job searching, drafting resumes, dressing professionally, and ultimately impressing potential employers.
The first Tuesday, March 25 is resume and job sites, during which a presentation will be held on how to draft a resume, what to include/avoid, and showcase good and bad examples by prospective job hunters in the past.
April 1 is the Dress for Success Fashion Show, where students showcase various outfits suitable or not suitable for an interview.
“Our host will explain what to wear in a certain situation depending on what kind of job you’re going for,” said James Woolman, president of Marketing and Management Club.
April 15 is interviewing, where student actors portray job seekers during the interview process. According to Woolman, the Marketing Management Club is currently looking at using students from the Drama Club to act at the event.
The last day, April 22, is about networking.
“The presentation will be about how important it is to network with people, and how important it is to reach out and get that handshake,” Woolman said.
New to the Countdown2Career event is the meet and greet, occurring after the April 22 networking panel. After the panel, students will be invited to attend a meet and greet session with employers in the local area.
“We’re bringing in about 20 to 30 employers from around town that are looking for college students to work for that field, whatever that may be,” Woolman said. “The whole point of networking to get out there, shake hands and meet people.”
Students interested in actively participating in the event can contact Woolman at jameswoolman@rocketmail.com.