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Converse or Crocs?

Trends to be a 10

Kimberley Dunkin
Staff Writer

Whether you prefer your old ripped blue jeans and shabby Nickelback t-shirt or your pair of Uggs and fleece Northface, there will always be what society considers, “in style.”
Whether or not you decide to be a part of the fashion trend is your choice.
Though everyone may have different taste in clothing, when it comes to style you may find yourself following the crowd.
Of course, clothing trends change all the time, but some things will always be hot.
The Northface jackets, for example, have been a hit for the past few years in the trendy world; along with UGG boots and Nike tennis shoes.
A few new articles of clothing have recently been considered “in.”
When it comes to shoes, Timberland boots, also known as “Timbos,” have become a popular choice for mostly men this season. And much like the “Timbos,” combat boots have made it to the top for women’s stylish shoes.
Another shoe trend that has been seen before are All-Star Converse. First produced in 1917, Converse are back in style for both men and women and are highly fashionable.
It also seems that crew necks for men have become very popular and are being chosen over zip-ups and hoodies for the guys.
A new article of clothing that seems to be important in a guy’s sense of style is their socks. “The sock game is everything,” said SC4 student Garrett Corry.
As for the ladies, jean jackets are back. The jean jacket trend was over a few years back but has recently returned and is at the top of the charts.
Style trends will always be controversial. After all everyone will always have their own opinion. SC4 student, Erich Elliott feels “It’s important to wear what is in style for you. Wear what you want and flaunt it.”

While stylish clothes may not always at the top of everybody’s priority list, here are a few fashion disasters to stay away from:

IMG_0011IMG_0006• Denim on denim, although jean jackets are back in style, wearing jean on jean is a mega style nightmare.
• Graphic tees, unless your graphic t-shirt is a brand name designer, this trend went out a few years ago and is NOT coming back.
• Camouflage, unless you plan on hunting deer on the streets of Port Huron, don’t wear your camouflage hunting boots and coat.
• Crocs, these shoes have never and will never be in.