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Big Blue Button

New technology flourishes on campus

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

The technological terror of innovation continues to spread all over campus. At the monthly board of trustees meeting, Cathleen Fraley, the representative of SC4’s nursing program, released news of a new way for online students to further obtain the full experience of the classroom.
This new program is called Big Blue Button.
Big Blue Button allows students to virtually access notes and lectures in either real time or later on in the day. All of this is achieved through the student’s and teacher’s Wave accounts.
Online learning is still relatively new and still in its formative years. New innovations like this show potential for future growth in the area.
“It’s a wonderful tool to learn from,” said Fraley, “They can actually interact virtually. With each slide I can present my material and listen at a different time or in real time.”
According to Cathleen, 48 students were selected to beta test the program and only one student could not use the program correctly. However, this was only because the student had used Internet Explorer.
As well as a recording feature to capture lectures, Big Blue Button also has an online white board feature to capture instructor’s notes in real time while storing them on the Wave page as well. It was not clear how the instructors will be given these electronic whiteboards. But Fraley seems confident that her plans will succeed.
The board members’ opinions on this new program were positive:
“It’s very important for an institution to have advantages in technology, so we as a campus are at the cutting edge for students in their use of technology,” said board of trustee’s member John D. Adair.
Plans for Big Blue button will be set in motion this summer and is scheduled to start use in the upcoming fall semester.