/An evening down the “Rabbit Hole”
“Rabbit Hole” cast members Suzanne Moore O’Brien, Justin Rutherford, Alinah Purdy-Sachs, and Elizabeth Wentzel during rehearsal Tuesday, March 11. Photo credit Liz Whittemore.

An evening down the “Rabbit Hole”

Curtains open March 20

Liz Whittemore
Photo Editor

The SC4 Fine Arts is bringing to the stage 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner “Rabbit Hole” on Thursday, March 20 through Sunday, March 23.
“Rabbit Hole” written by David Lindsay-Abaire is a story about a family’s struggle to find peace of mind and live day to day in the wake of a tragedy.
“It’s a very powerful show,” said Tom Kephart, Director/Technical Director of “Rabbit Hole” and the Artistic Director for the SC4 Players. “When I read it, I knew I wanted to produce it here at SC4.”
The cast consists of five characters, husband and wife Howie and Becca performed by Elizabeth Wentzel and Justin Rutherford, Becca’s pregnant sister Izzy performed by Alinah Purdy-Sachs, Jason performed by August Smith, and Becca and Izzy’s mother Nat performed by SC4 faculty member Suzanne Moore O’Brien.
Smith plays Jason, the 17-year-old who caused the accident.
“He’s not a character you’ll support right away, but as the play goes on you’ll learn along with Jason,” said Smith. “He wants to repent but feels as though it’s his burden to try to make amends.”
Wentzel approves of the choice for “Rabbit Hole” to be brought to SC4.
“It’s a drama instead of a comedy. It’s new and different, very unlike Gatsby. Not as many people will be familiar with it,” said Wentzel.
Show times are at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 20, at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday. Students with a Skipper OneCard are admitted free of charge, $7 for adults, and $5 for seniors ages 60 or older.