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New mobile hotspot can save money

Reachelle Kocis
Staff Writer

It is no secret that when you want cable TV or internet the choices are scarce. But if you live in an apartment building you may have even fewer choices. Some lease agreements do not allow dish installation. And many college students cannot afford another monthly bill.
Here to bridge the gap of the digital divide is a pay as you go mobile hotspot from Straight Talk. This little device can provide internet for up to five devices. But because you are actually paying for gigabytes of data you may want to keep the unnecessary cat videos for your phone and use your data for homework.
Straight Talk’s mobile hotspot is available only at Wal-Mart for about $80. It also comes with one gigabyte of data for free. One gigabyte costs $15, and five gigabytes for $50.
Best Buy has a similar but more expensive version. So therefore it may be a good idea to shop around.
If you are like many college students then you probably watch TV and news on your computer or phone. If your cell service is truly unlimited, you may not need cable TV at all.
According to insidersguide.vzw.com, you can watch internet content on your TV from your smartphone or tablet via HDMI cord or MHL to HDMI adapter for a direct hook up to any HDMI-ready TV.