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Yelling about comics: justice league war

Zachary Penzien
Production Editor

Earlier this month, DC Comics assembled the Justice League and shipped them off to fight the alien invasion of Darkside.
“Justice League: War” is the latest offering from the DC animation division. “War” is the Re-telling and slight tweaking of the “Justice League Origins” storyline. It is the first animated feature to be adapted from the new 52 reboot back in 2011.
“Justice League: War” is the telling of the first time out for the justice league. The league is made up of Green Lantern, Shazam, Cyborge, the Flash, and of course Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.
The main voice cast of the Justice League is solid; everyone has a distinct personality to the voices and seems to bring something new to the character they play. In the animation, everyone fights and moves differently in a way that fits the character.
Unfortunately the background characters voice acting is a bit rough. And sadly, Wonder Woman’s lines sound a bit clunky in spots.
The movie is really fun but it kind of falls apart in the 3rd act. It seems like some important story scenes were cut for time that shouldn’t have been.
Complaints aside, I really like this movie. Whenever Batman and Green Lantern are in the same scene it is the best. “War” doesn’t get weighed down by explaining who every character is and what their motivations are; which is good, because at this point we can skip who Superman is.
War is able to overcome its short comings and be a genuinely enjoyable movie. If you have any interest in the Justice League give it a shot. It is out now where ever you get your DVD’s or digital videos.