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Let’s start at the beginning

Zack Penzien
Production editor

Superheroes are in the zeitgeist right now. But if you are interested in starting to read comics, it can be hard to know where to begin.
Unfortunately, comics as a medium rely mostly on knowing what came before it and in some cases, what have gone on in other books. In early 2014, Marvel is releasing new issue one’s as part of the “All-New Marvel NOW!” line.
So, if you are considering hopping on the comic train, these are my recommendations:

Miss Marvel #1
Written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Adrian Alphona
When Carol Danvers leaves the title of Miss Marvel behind, it inspires a young girl, Camilla Kahn. She is a high school kid from New Jersey who is to take up the mantle as Miss Marvel. The book is getting a lot of press because Camilla comes from a conservative Muslim household and will explore that side of the characters life.

Loki: agent of Asgard #1
Written by Al Ewing with art by Lee Garbett
Kid Loki, hot off his run with the “Young Avengers” (another good book you should pick up) is playing secret agent for his home realm of Asguard, starting with a heist on the Avengers tower. If you liked Loki in “The Avengers” and want to see him do his best good-guy impression, give it a shot.

Wolverine #1
Written by Paul Cornell with art by Ryan Stegman
Hey Wolverine got another book! Currently, our boy Logan is running around without his trademark healing factor. So if you’re interested to see Wolverine trying to figure out how to fight without being able to shrug off a bullet, look into it.