//Valentine’s Day, what’s hot and what’s not
Greg Garofalo prepares for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, what’s hot and what’s not

Nine unique and fun ideas to spice up your valentine

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

Contrary to popular belief, there is more of an effort to Valentine’s Day than “pulling out all the stops.” Instead of going out to a crowded restaurant or packed theater why not try something unique and creative?
Here are nine plans of pizazz that are sure to give you and your special someone an evening to remember.

1. Laser tag

Try doing something fun and crazy like laser tag. After all your significant other is supposed to be your best friend, why not treat them to a round of laser tag and let yourselves have fun with no restraint.

2. Red Dinner

Going out to dinner is probably the most cliché thing one could do on Valentine’s Day, yet the only other alternative is the slightly less cliché option of staying in. In order to have a unique dinner, why not get creative at home?
A red dinner is a fun and interesting alternative. Simply dye the food and drinks, even place them on red plates and use red place settings. A red dinner is fun to make and even more so to partake in, and it will create an enjoyable intimate evening.

3. Gift scavenger hunt

Instead of giving your significant other their gift in the traditional sense, create a game out of it. Leave a scavenger hunt hint list and small gifts as clues all leading up to your big surprise gift. This is sure to leave your significant other smiling and satisfied.

4. Turn your living room into a home theater

Staying in is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made your own. Try transforming your living room into a home theater, rent a projector, rearrange the furniture, dim the lights and have a classic movie night. This is sure to spark a bit of romance on this day of intimacy; something that is sure to break the box offices.

5. Bouquet of Awesome

Try getting your other half a bouquet that they would actually have use for. Make a bundle of their favorite sweets, trinkets and a favorite movie. Don’t be afraid of unconventional thought. Remember, you know them best!

6. Homemade Hallmark

In modern society, getting a card at Hallmark is just about the worst thing you could do. Sure they’re nice and polished, but where’s the heart? It can’t be special if there are a million just like it. Make your love a card from you, using your own words to express how you feel.

7. Homemade Gifts

Gifts can also be more intimate and special if they come from you. (NOTE: This is not a suggestion to make macaroni art.) Create a “What I love about you” jar. Fill a jar with little notes, each one with a reason why you care about your special one.

8. Surprise road trip

Any expert love guru will tell you that being spontaneous is romantic. Take a day trip out of the blue, live the American free spirit on the open road together. Stop for road side attractions, eat questionable fried foods and have a memorable adventure.

9. Cooking dinner together

Why does only one person have to make the dinner? Instead, make dinner a team effort. Flip those frying pans, pull out the pots and turn on some music. The most ordinary moments can turn into the most extraordinary; don’t let them pass by and make the most out of each second.