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Trace of Lime album review

A psychedelic journey

Vaux Adams
Guest Writer

Melodic, metaphoric, and masterful. How’s that to describe an album?
Because no better words can explain the journey you will be sent on from track one of the upcoming album, “I Know It’s Nothing, But I’m Happy It’s Something” by psychedelic rock band, Trace of Lime.
Right off the bat I knew this was going to be something new and very powerful. From the shouting to the whispering, the bongos to the trumpet and everything else in between, you won’t need drugs to make you feel like you’re on them while listening to this.
Something about this band brings a new breath for music to the table; this is finally something that sounds different from everything you have ever heard.
Sure you can compare it to several bands and songs just like you can with any other band or song. However this band adds some new feel to whatever type of genre you want to call it, and I can’t quite seem to put my finger on it.
There are several times while listening to this album where I guarantee you will be totally lost, in what I want to call something similar to the “Wall of Sound” effect.
The album is full of powerful choruses and spine tingling breaks, in which you can feel pure energy flowing from your eardrums into your entire body. Leaving you with the only thing you can do while listening to Trace of Lime, rock your head and tap your foot to the steady pounding drum beat found in every song and well, dance.
If you like The Beatles, Cage the Elephant, Portugal, The Man, or just want something new and interesting to rock to, keep a look out for Trace of Lime’s debut album “I Know It’s Nothing But I’m Happy It’s Something,” which will be released on March 22.
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