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The Tiny Ugly Germs

The Tiny Ugly Germs

Hipsters come hither to hear the unique sound of local band

Lily Petit
Staff Writer

The Tiny Ugly Germs are infecting Port Huron residents and you might be next.
The melodic punk-rock band “The Tiny Ugly Germs” is entirely made up of current SC4 students, but you’re going to have to leave campus if you want to hear them live.
Nate Leritz, 21, and Nick Ranger, 21, formed The Tiny Ugly Germs in 2011. Since then, the guitar playing duo has added Tim Hicks’ drum beats and Hannah Eppley’s bass skills.
The Port Huron natives create a mixture of music that Nate Leritz describes as “melodic punk and post hardcore.”
The main vocalist and song writer, Nate Leritz, good-naturedly calls their music “angst-y stuff.”
You can hear this “angst-y stuff” at The Flint Local 432 or the more local Schwonk Sound Stead. And when your ears beg for more, there’s always the internet to turn to.
Nate has released several EP’s by himself on thetinyuglygerms.bandcamp.com. That can hold you over until their official EP, Not Dead, Just Lying Very Still, is released later this year.
The band’s first song that they learned together, ‘Nimbostratus’, is featured on Nate’s EP, Fun Sucks, and will be included in Not Dead, Just Lying Very Still.
While The Tiny Ugly Germs appreciate the support of their fans, they aren’t looking to go big. “It’s just too mainstream to get popular” Nate Leritz said jokingly.
He added that their style of music isn’t made for the Top 40.
Despite not going out of their way to build a fan base, they’ve garnered enough attention to be nominated for two categories at the Blue Water Music Awards.
All My Fish Are Dead earned them a nomination for album of the year. Furthermore, they’re nominated for best export, which the Blue Water Music Awards voting poll describes as “the best in town band/artist that will be the next big thing.”
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