/That’s all, folks!
Blue Water Film Festival cancelled this year

That’s all, folks!

Blue Water Film Festival takes a leave of absence

Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Staff Writer

Darkness naturally falls over any theater, and the Blue Water Film Festival (BWFF) is no exception.
The Blue Water Film Festival has been cancelled this year.
According to the BWFF official website, “the board cites the need for additional staff and volunteers as well as financial independence and an increase in festival audience attendance as reasons for the event’s postponement.”
Jeremy Stemen, executive director of the BWFF could not be reached for comment.
The Film Festival started in 2009 and has been annual until this year.
According to “Blue Water Film Festival rolls up its tent,” an article by The Voice, 110 films by 87 directors from Michigan and Ontario have had their work showcased for any that would see it.
While the event is gone this year, there is no word on if this will be a permanent change.
The news of the BWFF cancellation effects people from all walks of life. One such person is local Port Huron resident Travis Boone, 21. Travis had high hopes of showing his film “Here We Are” to the public through the Film Festival, but was shot down when he learned of the Festival being postponed for the year.
Mr. Boone said he was asked to make “Here We Are” by a manager at his grandmother’s retirement home after he showed a previous film of his there.
By genre definition, his movie would be called a documentary. However, Travis made it clear that the film is “natural and unscripted, but I don’t explain anything.” The movie is set entirely in a retirement home.
When asked about the film and his process, he responded with “I made a boat by stringing mattresses together with dental floss.”
Damion Pearson, 18, also of Port Huron, fellow filmmaker and friend to Boone expressed his frustration at the situation. Damion’s work had not yet made it into the Film Festival, but that never stopped him from trying.
The Zombie Defense Council has hinted at a possibility of Travis’ film being shown somewhere on campus, but no concrete details have arisen yet.
Travis Boone stated that, in the case of having his movie shown, if there isn’t a way “then I plan to make a way.”