/Skippers coach leads team’s quest for crown
Michael Groulx, Head Coach of Lady Skippers

Skippers coach leads team’s quest for crown

SC4’s basketball coach makes positive impact on team

Donald Lierman
Staff Writer

Years ago, the Lady Skippers basketball team was hovering around .500. A midseason change brought Michael Groulx to take the reigns of an ineffectual squad.
Today, SC4 is poised to make a run at a national title and is ranked in the top ten.
Groulx is no stranger to SC4. He attended the school in 2002-2004 at which time he played basketball for current athletic director and men’s basketball coach Dale Vos. He returned to become assistant basketball coach from 2006-2007 until 2011-2012.
“Mike studied and worked at learning more than any assistant I ever had,” said Vos. “I may have helped him a little with his coaching, but in the recruitment end he taught me a bunch.”
Groulx became interim women’s basketball head coach in January 2012 and took over the position in March 2012.
“By the time he went to the women’s program he was my go to guy. He set many of our defenses, did much of our scouting, and almost all of our recruiting” said Vos.
“He is a great teacher of skills and probably the best recruiter in the state. He reads game situations extremely well.”
Last year’s Lady Skippers team captured fourth place in the national tournament. Coach Groulx remembers their performance proudly.
“Last year’s team was a group that became a family very quickly,” said Groulx. “They were very unselfish and had great player leadership. They competed every day in practice and brought a very high energy, passion, and excitement to every game.”
The sophomores on last year’s squad played in back to back national tournaments. That squad finished their sophomore season undefeated at home. They set school records of 32 wins in a season, and 17 most consecutive wins in a season, becoming the first women’s team in the history of SC4 to capture the league championship.
This year’s model has even higher expectations.
“The returning sophomores were part of a highly successful group. However, they do not want to live in the past and plan to blaze their own trail” Groulx said.
“It has taken a little longer for the freshmen on this team to buy into what we were teaching. Slowly but surely, the freshmen have grown up and the sophomores have taken on more leadership.”
Freshman Ta’kira Height is impressed with the coaching.
“Coach Groulx has impacted us tremendously, he has given us the confidence we need as a team” said Height.
“He helps us reach higher levels of potential. It is not only with basketball but with school, too. I’m honored to be here. I know he will help us become great.”
Groulx works as an admission’s representative at SC4. He and his wife, Ashley, have two daughters, Adrien, 8, and Addison, 3.
On June 18, 2013, Addison was diagnosed with Leukemia. “She is receiving chemotherapy treatment. With that comes a lot of time spent in the hospital” said Groulx.
“She is doing well and responding well, but the worries are always there and I have had to learn to balance my time between my family and our basketball family. My wife is such a strong woman and without her, the success of this season would not be possible.”
Despite these adversities, Groulx’s passion for teaching and developing youth remains.
“I don’t want to be remembered for the championships that we won. I want to be remembered for the lives I was able to change by helping kids move on to university where they can complete their education.”