/Registration: Facts and Helpful Hints
Illustration by Zachary Penzien

Registration: Facts and Helpful Hints

How to make registration less stressful

Mairead Warner
Staff Writer

Registration can be really confusing at times for new students. Here are some ways to make the registering process easier.
According to St. Clair Community College’s Facebook page, summer registration starts Monday Feb. 24. The SC4 Portal serves as a source of help for students who want to register. According to SC4 Portal announcements titled, “details on summer 2014 tuition and fees,” the semester start date for the first summer semester is Monday, May 19, and the end date is June 27.
The semester start date for the second summer semester is Monday, June 30; the end date of the semester is Friday, August 8. Students taking a summer class can get more classes out of the way and get their credits in a shorter period of time.
One thing that students should know is that they can register for summer classes on the SC4 Portal under the Wave for college credit students.
If students have any questions there are available outlets willing to help.
Students can call the one-stop Student Services Center at (810) 989-5520. Student Services can assist student with financial aid, registration help, or to scheduling appointments with an academic advisor to discuss student options for classes needed for their degree.
Students can also schedule an academic advising appointment by on the SC4 Portal, or through the SC4 mobile app, Ellucian GO.
The academic advising offices are in the Acheson Technology Center. Students can stop by the One-stop Student Services Center in the Acheson Technology Center Room 123.
Students can check out what courses are available and what courses are being taught for both summer semesters.
Students are encouraged to register during the first couple of weeks that registration starts and not at the last second.