/Postponing Cancun

Postponing Cancun

New spring break set for early April

Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Dreams of spring break may be getting Michigan college students through this record breaking winter season but SC4 students will have to wait a little longer this year before heading south.
Spring break has been pushed to April 7-12, compared to last year’s March 11-16.
Break now lies after the first day of spring, March 20, making it calendar legitimate. However, break was not changed to simply align ourselves with the calendar: break now lines up with the local high schools’ schedules.
When asked if the dates were altered for the 400 or so Blue Water Middle College Academy students, Pete Spencer, Director of the Blue Water Middle College Academy commented, said: “There’re definitely other reasons that led to it. I was not involved in the decision, but the idea of bringing the two spring breaks together to eliminate some problems for the students that were in high school has been considered for quite a while.”
Spencer does admit, though, that the rising number of middle college students had an effect on the decision.
Will less than a month’s difference effect the spring break experience?
Warmer weather may accompany the new break, but Michigan weather is known to be everything but predictable.
While the new dates eliminate some problems, has it also created a few?
Taking a look at the SC4 Student Handbook, you’ll notice that break and final exam week are now only three weeks apart.
A break so close to the end of the semester could cause the inevitable motivation struggle to be a lost battle.
On the other hand, a break right before finals week might be what students need to break the stress of the semester and enter finals week with a clear head.
Only time will tell.