//March of Dimes: Jail & Bail
Fort Gratiot Middle school students await their sentencing at Jail and Bail

March of Dimes: Jail & Bail

Our community comes together for charity

Kimberley Dunkin
Staff Writer

Fighting birth defects and premature birth since 1957, the March of Dimes organization held the 58th annual Jail & Bail at the Port Huron Masonic Temple this Saturday to raise money for the cause.
The March of Dimes previously arranged a volunteer judge, volunteer prisoners, and what they like to call “Keystone Cops” for the Jail & Bail event. The “jailbirds” came before the judge on peculiar charges such as pranking their friends too much and reckless golf-cart driving.
The jailbirds were then sentenced in the “jail cell” for some time while people called in to post bail for them, raising money to donate to the organization.
People of all ages came to support the event this past weekend with enthusiasm to help out.
Port Huron is the only city in Michigan who participates in Jail & Bail.
One volunteer, Daniel E. Burtch, has attended the Jail & Bail 19 times, raising $7,103.85 over the years.
“What’s best about this organization is that the money we raise stays right here in St. Clair County.” Burtch said.
Burtch added that the all day long party for the event is just a bonus to the great feeling of helping premature babies with birth defects.
St. Clair County prosecutor, Mike Wendling, was also in attendance of the event. Wendling spoke with the “prisoners” as they were pleading their impractical cases in front of the judge.
Wendling has volunteered since he was 14 years old with his mother and has continued since.
“The goal of this event is to involve as many people in this community in the March of Dimes program as possible.” Wendling said.
Not only was there a plethora of volunteers but there was a great quantity of staff too.
Sarah Zimmer is one of the newest members of the March of Dimes team as of January. “I grew up volunteering in St. Clair my whole life and knew the March of Dimes program was something I wanted to be involved in. It all starts with healthy babies,” said Zimmer, “I love healthy babies!”