/Hardcore country in the house

Hardcore country in the house

SC4 community gives warm welcome to Daryle Singletary

Hannah Hunter
Staff Writer

Members of SC4 came out to see Daryle Singletary on Saturday, Feb. 8.
The concert took place in the Fine Arts Theater, which Singletary felt was a much loved, intimate venue, and it gave him the chance to really connect with the audience.
“It was a great crowd for us, not too big, not too small,” Singletary said.
Daryle Singletary was raised in Whigham, Georgia, and he is living his childhood dream.
Growing up in Georgia sparked in him his love of traditional country music. Both of Singletary’s parents were gospel singers and this made him develop a passion and appreciation for gospel music.
This appreciation developed into a love of traditional country music as well. Singletary strived to keep traditional country music alive after his idol, George Jones, passed.
Some of Singletary’s hits include” I Let Her Lie,” “Too Much Fun,” and “The Note.”
The audience was very enthusiastic about Singletary’s arrival and performance. The night ended with a standing ovation for Singletary.
After the concert Singletary could be found mingling among guests and individually thanking each and every one of them for attending.
When asked how he thought the concert went, Singletary’s response was: “I had a fun time. When you come into a situation like this and you walk in the room and stuff, it’s a very intimate room, a very small room. “
Singletary’s feeling of having fun was mutual among audience members.
“I really enjoyed the concert! I didn’t expect Daryle to have so much humor. The sound quality was also very good, it was overall a very good concert,” said concert attendee Paula Besko.