Richmond metalcore group paves way to success

Brendan Buffa
Sports Editor

Blood curdling screams pierce through the speakers and kick off an epic, 5-song EP entitled Lessons Learned, by Richmond, MI metalcore group – Empire.
Formerly known as All Sounds Off, Empire crashed into the scene 2013 and may be recognizable by the Port Huron area, as they were featured on 91.3 WSGR.
Filled with knee buckling guitar riffs created by the duo of Ben Mazur and Dorian Carrizales, the complimented low growling vocals of Chris Fortuna make this a definite listen for any metalcore lover.
A stand out track, ‘Cloak’, on their Lessons Learned EP was produced by David White, former drummer for Detroit rock group, Cold for June.
“If you listen to our song ‘Cloak’, we are starting to develop this original sound,” said drummer, Steve Radzom. “It fits in with a Korn type of vibe, who is a big influence of ours.”
Making strides in the music industry, Empire has big plans for the upcoming year.
“We are actually working with a producer, whom we can’t even mention right now,” says Mazur. “It’s like playing basketball with Michael Jordan,” added Radzom about the disclosed producer.
“We are recording three songs right now, and may even do a release with another band,” added bassist, Jordan Frame.
Slowly but surely rising into the scene, Empire is also planning a tour across Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.
“That’s what it’s all about man,” said Radzom with an excited smirk about the tour.
A band résumé that would peak the interest of any producer, Empire builds on their track record. Having worked with Detroit dubstep producer Ghost Noise, throwing a CD release party with It Lies Within, and playing the first “Hear This! Fest,” put on by Anthony Hofer of “Hear This! Promotions.”
Currently, Empire is expecting a split EP to be released sometime in the summer.