/Del James Blessinger Award deadline approaches
Blessinger Foundation Trustee, Stephen Saffee, (left) presents the Del James Blessinger Award to English adjunct instructor Robert Kroll (right).

Del James Blessinger Award deadline approaches

Faculty excellence get’s acknowledged

Kimberley Dunkin
Staff Writer

Do you know a professor who deserves to be acknowledged for what they do? The Del James Blessinger Award is the perfect opportunity to do so.
This year is the 90th annual commencement ceremony where the recipient of The Del James Blessinger Award will be honored.
SC4 students, staff, faculty, and administrators can submit nominations for the award. With the deadline coming up quick on Feb. 28, if you have someone in mind to nominate now is the time to do so.
What to look for in a good nominee:
• Has knowledge and good presentation of subject matter
• Motivates the students to do well in the course
• Motivates students to achieve outside the classroom
• Provides service for our college and our community
In appreciation of an award he received while attending SC4 as a student, the late Del James Blessinger decided to set aside a portion of the earnings from an endowment for the college each year to award a full time and/or adjunct faculty member for their teaching excellence.
A few past recipients include Julie Armstrong, Sharon Armstrong and Paul Bedard; all full-time faculty members here at SC4.
Last year, adjunct English instructor Bob Kroll received the award at the SC4’s 89th commencement ceremony.
“This award is a great way to honor faculty and staff for the work we do, we don’t always get recognition,” said SC4 Marketing Manager, Martha Pennington.
The award is a good way for students to be involved and for them to have a say in who gets to be acknowledged.
So if one of your professors or a faculty member you know deserves to be acknowledged for the hard work they do, send in a nomination on the SC4 Portal or pick up a form in the president’s office.