/College Christians stand for Christ

College Christians stand for Christ

Local house church for college teens and young adults

Gregory Garofalo
Managing Editor

In a world that is progressively becoming more politically correct and that, according to Washington Post, one third of Americans under thirty hold no religious affiliation; it can be intimidating for a young college student to hold a faith in Christ in this slightly secular society.
Lately however, a group has formed together with the goal to give encouragement and empowerment to college Christians. The aptly named “Tuesday Group” meets every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at 4225 Janice Court Rd. The group is open to anyone who wishes to attend, be it a believer or someone whose curiosity is peaked about who this Jesus really is.
“Tuesday Group” goes beyond superficial religion by putting faith into action through prayer, worship, and learning how to apply scripture to everyday life.
“It’s amazing to see what God is doing with this group” said Josh Sabo, leader of the group and worship leader at Colonial Woods Missionary Church. “God has picked us up from the shallow end, thrown us into the deep and we’re still swimming. We’ve seen God really working in people’s lives, the power of faith and miracles are literally working right before us and it just keeps getting better.”
The group offers refuge to college Christians by giving them encouragement to grow and discover their faith, while learning how to inspire others by applying this belief to their lives through fellowship and community.
“If I wasn’t in a community of believers it could feel very discouraging living a Christian life on my own, but I’m not” said Andrew Ferriel, freshman at SC4. “I follow Christ, because it’s the only thing that sustains me, that gives me clarity and truth. It’s nice to share that with others of my age and genre of mindset.”
This remnant of young believers meets in the basement of James and Chelsea Branch. The couple puts up with filling their basement with roughly twenty to thirty people every week, all in the name spreading God’s word to the young adults of Port Huron.
“I feel it’s really important for people to know that this is going on and for college Christians to know they’re not alone” said Kirsten Hill, sophomore student at SC4. “Being a young Christian, it can feel like you’re very much alone at times. That’s one of the points of the group though; you don’t have to feel alone.”
For any questions about the Tuesday Group, check out the “20 Somethings College Group” Facebook page, or contact Josh Sabo at Josh@colonialwoodsmc.com.