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Bowling, laughter and good times, oh my

Nichole Hatcher
Staff Writer

SC4 will host their annual Club Activity Day on March 11. This year’s battle of the clubs will be bowling at the Zebra Bar at noon.
Each team will have three players and everyone will play at least one game. At the end of the game, the players’ final scores will be added up together. Whoever has the highest score wins.
Marketing and Management Club will be the ones handing over the trophy to the winning team, or seeing as they are the reigning champs for the last two semesters, they may be holding onto it.
“We have been working on our skills,” said Marketing and Management president James Woolman.
Woolman also pointed out that another sport he would like to see on club activity day would be 3 on 3 basketball.
“I am looking forward to networking with the other clubs,” said Zombie Defense Council president Chris Campbell.
The Student Government will be there as well. But since they are the ones hosting the event they will not be participating, instead spending the time helping out and separating the clubs into teams.
All the participants will be served pizza and pop, but there will be no beer allowed.
Club Activity Day was created three years ago by previous Student Government president, Doug Johnson.
In past club activity events they have played dodge ball or laser tag. This is the first time they will be participating in bowling.
The Erie Square Gazette would like to wish all the clubs good luck, although Editor-in-Chief Erick Fredendall assures the student body no luck will be needed, as the ESG’s team, “The Deadliners,” are a shoe in to win this year’s competition.