/A Final Song for Pollock

A Final Song for Pollock

College president plays his last show

Krist Reynolds
Staff Writer


How many colleges and/or universities can say that their president knows how to rock n’ roll?

For the third semester in a row, SC4 president, Dr. Kevin Pollock, played guitar and sang a slew of songs on Feb. 6 at Lynch’s Irish Tavern in downtown Port Huron.

Patrons, which consisted of merry bar-goers and faculty alike, as well as several SC4 sports teams, all chipped in and donated money which all went towards SC4 athletics. The biggest donor of the night was Dr. Richard Bend, who donated a combined total of $5,000.

The goal of the evening was $1,500. The final total of the evening was $8,008. According to Pollock, that is more than the first two charities combined.

“It was a lot of fun, a little crazier than the last couple of times. You had people auctioning off different articles of clothing, so that’s good. We made as much this time as the other two times combined. So that’s cool,” said Pollock.

Pollock has been playing guitar since junior high. He is self-taught, playing in various bands through the years. His covers for the evening included songs by Green Day, John Mellencamp, Van Morrison, and many others.

Pollock intended tonight to be his last performance.

Dave Vos, director of advising and athletics, “we greatly appreciate what Dr. Pollock is doing. Obviously this has been a really great night. He said this is his last one, but we’ll see.”

Pollock added, “one was fun, two was good, three, I just didn’t want people to think the college was trying to get every little bit out of them. The coolest part for me was all the different teams from SC4 that came out this evening.”

Pollock closed the evening by addressing the audience, “thanks for all this, this is about our students. I know it’s cliché to say that, but it really is.”