/3D Design class plans sledding excursion

3D Design class plans sledding excursion

Class uses art in a unique way

Liz Whittemore
Photo Editor

SC4’s 3D Design class is taking their art to the street. Or rather, a hill.
Myrna Pronchuk’s class is building sculptures out of cardboard that can be used as toboggans.
The 20 students in the class will be taking their sculptures Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 1:30 p.m. to the Lions Club hill on Water Street to test the functionality of their sleds/sculptures.
“I thought it’d be a great, fun project. They can understand what sculpture in the round is, and it’s also functional,” said class instructor Pronchuk.
The students will be graded on aesthetics, creativity, craftsmanship, and functionality of their sculptures.
“It may be a great sculpture, but it may not even get two feet. And that’s okay,” said Pronchuk.
Students are only allowed to use cardboard and a roll of duct tape. Any other items must be minimal and hidden.
Pronchuk is in her first semester teaching at SC4 after transferring from teaching at Georgia State University. She is excited to bring new ideas about art to the classroom.
“I got the idea from a cohort who sent me a newspaper blurb about an art school in Lansing that did this, and I thought; fantastic! Why can’t we do that?”
Pronchuk stated that the design students are still working on ideas and sketching designs for their sculptures.
“They’re at their exploration stage, thinking about possibilities and what’s going to work,” said Pronchuk. “But it’s a way for students to become involved in the community and hopefully will create cohesiveness and build their morale. I think it will be successful.”