/The dream lives on

The dream lives on

Photo by Kris Reynolds
Photo by Kris Reynolds
Tribute to the late Dr. King
Kristopher Reynolds
Staff Writer

Jan. 20 marked the 12th year in a row that a historical dream was celebrated at SC4.
Brothers and sisters of every creed and color met to hold hands and hearts at an annual event to honor the late Dr. King and his work called “Living the DREAM of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”
A slew of different speeches and performances would come to light as the evening ensued. An opening drum segment was conducted by the Port Huron High School drum line. The folk group, Circle of Friends, consisting of Dean Barnett, Mary Foley, and Gordon MacDonald, played some traditional sing-along folk songs that had Anita Ashford, coordinator of the event, singing her heart out and clapping her hands like no one’s business. Alesondra Christmas showed off her light-footed gracefulness with an inspirational dance. The Talented Tenth program taught audience members of the history of civil rights, segregation, and leading figures of the movement.
A pinnacle moment in the evening came when Elder David Nichols recited Dr. King’s entire ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Seeming to capture the late King’s voice momentarily, the words echoed throughout a silent auditorium, with no one so much as taking a breath.
The evening concluded with everyone in the audience joining hands in voices in a group sing-a-along of the song “We Shall Overcome”.
“This evening was truly moving, and it’s this kind of brother and sisterhood that keeps me going and lets me know that the dream is still alive,” Lemuel Harrison, attendee of the event, remarked.
Another attendee and SC4 student Jay Hill said “It’s all about togetherness and having no boundries.”
Reverend Carl Miller at one point in the evening made the comment: “the dream is still not fulfilled. But as long as we stand together as we are now, and as long as continue to work towards it, Dr. King’s Dream will be realized.”
The event is assuredly proof of that work.