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One last show

pollock at lynchsSC4 president putting down the guitar after one last fundraiser
Liz Whittemore

Photo Editor

The SC4 Foundation and Lynch’s Irish Tavern is hosting “The sounds of SC4 President Dr. Kevin A Pollock” Thursday, Feb. 6 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. There will be no entry charge, though donations are encouraged.
After two successful performances, the college president is playing one last show, this time to raise money for SC4’s athletics.
According to Pollock, he was hesitant to agree to do the performances.
“I thought some people would say it’s not becoming of SC4’s president to be sitting at a bar playing music,” said Pollock. “Somebody asked me if I would do it and I said okay, one time. Now it’s three times, and that’s enough.”
SC4’s Director of College Advancement and Alumni Relations David Goetze has worked collecting donations at Pollock’s previous performances.
“Dr. Pollock has been wonderful, I don’t know of any other college president that raises money like he does,” said Goetze. “He’ll do whatever it takes to make things happen for our students.”
SC4 student Sarah Donaldson appreciates the personal time he takes to raise money for SC4 and the students.
“I think that he’s setting a really good example for the students and faculty,” said Donaldson. “I’d love to go if I didn’t have a prior commitment.”
Pollock’s first performance in Feb. 2013 raised $5,270 for the Nasr Natural Science Museum, now located in the Clara E. Mackenzie building on SC4’s Port Huron campus. The second performance in Oct. 2013 raised $3,278 for SC4’s Friends of the Arts.
“Between the other two we’ve raised about $8,500,” said Pollock. “If we raised $1,500 at this next one, that’s $10,000. For a fundraiser that doesn’t cost us anything, you have to consider that a success.”
A raffle for four tickets to a Detroit Tigers baseball game for Saturday, May 10 will be held during the performance.
SC4 women’s basketball players Nece Garrison and Aja Williams think the proceeds will greatly help.
According to Garrison, some team members are playing without the assistance of a scholarship.
Williams is hoping for updated equipment.
“Our team is ranked pretty high, but we don’t have a lot of gear to show that we’re from SC4,” said Williams.
Pollock thinks this may draw out a different crowd than past performances; community members who love sports.
“We have people that want to make donations to our student athletes; this gives them a chance to come out to one spot to show their support,” said Pollock.
Reservations are encouraged and can be made at Lynch’s Irish Tavern.