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MountainBabiesSHOUTSDave Peters and his Mountain Babies
Erick Fredendall

Local folk singer and songwriter Dave Peters’ band of one, Mountain Babies, started with an unusual dream.
“I was standing on a mountain, it was raining tomatoes, and there were babies everywhere.”
That dream lead to a brief recording session in 2008 that produced the now hard-to-find song, “Kingsley Hill.” Shortly thereafter, Mountain Babies was formed.
In 2012 Mountain Babies released their first studio album, “Whispers.” Two years later, the Port Huron native is now celebrating the release of his eighth recording under the band name Mountain Babies.
Mountain Babies has been described by fans and music bloggers as nu-folk, psychedelic folk, and Americana. A Detroit music scene blog, Hip in Detroit, likens Peter’s voice to Johnny Cash, while Bandcamp.com compares his music to Nick Drake and the Fleet Foxes.
Peters laughed after hearing mention of Hip in Detroit’s review.
“The best one I’ve had was when someone compared me to Johnny Cash on LSD,” he said, smiling. “It’s definitely a compliment. I grew up listening to a lot of Cash and other country, like Hank Williams.”
But if you ask Peters, his definition of Mountain Babies is a bit more nuanced than traditional folk music.
“Mountain Babies is still evolving,” Peters explained, “I usually play solo, just a guy with an acoustic, sometimes with a shaker duct taped to his foot. When I recorded my latest album it turned into something different.”
His latest album, “SHOUTS,” seems to back up this claim.
“SHOUTS” is the fourth studio released album produced by Mountain Babies. The album is a seven track line-up unique for its ability to jump from catchy, airy songs like “Mother Earth” to the haunting, psychedelic notes of “White Moon.”
Peters’ is joined in the album by Rachael Spangler as additional vocals, Brandon Leyva on percussion, and Saadat Hossain on the organ, synth, and vibraphone.
A raw, “Live From” series of songs from “SHOUTS” made by Poverty Art Productions is also available on Youtube.
According to Peters’, “SHOUTS” has become the most popular download on his Bandcamp site.
“I think because it’s laid out in a more personal manner, people could feel me more in the songs. It’s intimate; really intimate.”
Peters announced the song, “Mother Earth,” will be available as a single release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and other online music stores.
The Mountain Babies’ discography can be downloaded from Bandcamp. A digital download of “SHOUTS” is currently available for $5, and a cassette of the new album is announced to become available from Detroit based ZZZ Tapes at www.zzztapes.com.
A “SHOUTS” listening party will be held at the SchwonkSoundStead at 8 p.m., Feb. 8. The event is free and open to all interested participants.
The SchwonkSoundSteak is a house venue and community center located at 1521 7th St. in Port Huron, right on the corner of 7th St. and Griswold.

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