/Financial Aid: come and get it

Financial Aid: come and get it

SC4 offers Financial Aid Night to students and community
Liz Whittemore
Photo Editor

On Tuesday Feb. 4, St. Clair County Community College opens their doors to students and the community to answer questions about financial aid.
Financial Aid Night is usually held the first Tuesday after New Years, but was rescheduled due to bad weather. It will be held in the Fine Arts Theatre on the Port Huron campus beginning at 7 p.m.
Information on loans, grants, scholarships, and how to apply for financial aid will be given regardless of if you are applying to SC4 or not.
Josephine Cassar is the Director of Financial Assistance and Services at SC4. This year she hopes to see more college students taking advantage of the opportunity.
“My gut tells me it’s mostly been community members,” said Cassar. “I think in today’s economy, we all have to think financially smart. If you can take classes here that will transfer to your four year school and it costs less, why wouldn’t you?”
According to Cassar, the financial aid office awarded students over $15 million for the 2012-2013 academic year.
Of the 6,751 that applied, 3,800 students received an award.
“At least 66% of our student body is receiving some sort of financial aid,” said Cassar.
Natalie Hillman, a nursing student at SC4, drives an hour to get to school. “I don’t have loans or scholarships, but I have financial aid,” said Hillman. “Driving an hour is hard, but I get money back each semester for books and gas.”
Another tool that has become available for student use is sc4.edu/money, SC4’s new website for finding scholarships. The new website replaced SC4’s previous system of physical applications.
“When it was the paper applications, we’d only have a handful of applicants and they all came in at the last minute,” Cassar said.
The website is designed to help make applying for scholarships easier. Upon signing up it will ask for your general information as well as a mandatory submission of a résumé. Once completed, a list of scholarships appears that is tailored to your personal information; what you are actually eligible for.
“We now have a more diverse applicant pool and more people are utilizing the new software. People are reaching out for these resources where they might not have before,” said Cassar.
For more information on Financial Aid Night and how to apply for FAFSA and loans, visit sc4.edu/financialaid.
“You owe it to yourself to apply to your dream college,” said Cassar. “What if it only comes down to $4,000 a year? For $8,000 and you’re at your dream school, wouldn’t you find a way to make it happen?”