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Young Marriage

Why not tie the knot?



Marriage is a word that causes many women to look expectantly at their boyfriends and a makes those same boyfriends shuffle their feet and mutter something about “waiting until it’s right.”

For college students, everything is about the future. Careers, jobs, next semester, that test that was completely forgotten about. But should marriage be on that list?

Opponents of young marriages say that students should focus on their career and studies; that young people 18 to 25 are immature and cannot sustain a relationship. “Most people can’t even handle being in a relationship, even a few years after high school has ended,” said Torren Mitchell, age 19. “I’ve seen maybe three or four different instances of teens getting married out of high school, or even while still attending. If you’re not mature enough to avoid fighting over the color of your shoes, how do you expect to survive marriage?”

Mitchell raises a valid point; maturity. College students are notorious for changing their mind, changing majors, changing careers, and changing life outlooks via Facebook posts.

On the other side of the argument, Elizabeth Fry, Port Huron native, says: “I got engaged when I was 17, a senior in high school. I faced a lot of scrutiny from peers and teachers. I was told I was too young, that I needed to finish school, and that we’d never see each other because he was in the army. I was told that I didn’t know who I was yet so how could I know who to marry?”

Who’s to judge? Our generation is placed under scrutiny because it appears to be full of unwed mothers and teen pregnancies, so older people see us as immature, bratty, technology addicted fools. Why can’t we be the judge of who and when to marry?

Fry agrees. “They are clouded by the negative aspects of marriage and the younger generation. Some of the criticism was out of protection for my future and as a person. Most of it came from ignorant people who have never loved long distance like I had to.”

Fry brings up ignorance, which is an excellent point. Who is better fit to judge your future, you, or someone deemed “wise” simply because of their age?

Both partners need to have an understanding of what they want out of life and what they want out of the marriage. It is important to tie the knot for the right reasons.

“I think that if you’re young and want to get married,” said Fry, “it is important to know yourself first and know your needs and wants out of life to make sure they match up with your partners.”

Alex Olson

Staff Writer