/Winter is coming for the console wars

Winter is coming for the console wars

Brace yourself


XBOX 1 vs PS4 consolesLate autumn, the colorful leaves have now all fallen to the ground, the air is bitter cold, and the next generation of video game consoles are settled in to be enjoyed for the long winter; or are they?

The release of the Xbox One (XB1) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) was the biggest combined console launch in video game history according to IGN.com, with each selling over one million consoles on their respective launch weekends alone.

With these kinds of numbers, the first few weeks of launch should be full of bugs, crashes and console failures; amazingly enough the last few weeks have been rather pleasant for the rival consoles.

The PS4’s development company Sony stated in a press release before the launch that it expected a mere 0.4% of its console to either fail or have another issue.  This was wishful thinking on Sony’s part, but as the fifth week of the PS4 being out approaches only 1% of the consoles failed or are having a major problem.XBOX 1 vs PS4 controllers

When put into perspective, with 2.1 million PS4s that have been sold only around 21,000 are defective.  This may seem like a large number, but according to Computerworld.com and math Sony is selling over 100,000 consoles everyday since the launch.  PS4s are flying off the shelves faster than Sony can manufacture them, this holiday rush for Sony is a likely cause for software crashes as well as faulty hardware.

Xbox One’s developer Microsoft has taken the initiative in the customer service campaign of the console war.  According to Gamespot.com Microsoft states that they will send users who own a faulty system a brand new XB1 even before sending in the broken system for replacement. This will best PS4’s return policy by getting XB1 gamers a new console in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Another advantage to disgruntled XB1 users is the upcoming patch that is in the work.  Reddit.com’s Xbox One sub-reddit has exploded with gamers posting problems that they want patched, so much so that a thread was created combining all the problems that need patching on the XB1.

Larry Hryb, Xbox Director of Programming commented on the thread stating “Good list here. I can say that there are teams working on many of these right now. I can’t say which ones yet…but things are going to improve.”

This is great news for both consoles.  After a hard fought couple of weeks, each console seems to be settling in for the final stretch of the calender and fiscal year. Patches, low failure rates and a better overall gaming experience leaves only one true winner of the console war, Wii U… just kidding, the winner is the gamer.

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