/Seasonal Jobs: Good and Bad Benefits

Seasonal Jobs: Good and Bad Benefits

Tips and Advice for Seasonal Jobs


Seasonal jobs can bring positive experiences like earning extra money during the holiday season. However, it can be rough for students having to deal with upcoming exams and busy work schedules. It may be hard for students not to have enough time to study or to work efficiently.

However, according to Vvaldo (Val) Sánchez, an SC4 student from Texas, he has worked many seasonal jobs, particularly in the summer. Mr. Sánchez has worked security for public pools, and for the Port Huron Bridge as a bridge operator. “Seasonal jobs are good for the summer and in between the college semesters.” Sánchez said, “My favorite job was the pool job because I could go swimming when no one was there.”

Hope Poerzbocher, 32, is a sophomore majoring in computer graphics at SC4. Ms. Poerzbocher has never worked in any seasonal job. “I do not want to a work a seasonal job, and if I did my favorite part would be communicating with many different people” Poerzbocher said.

After the holiday rush is over, seasonal employees may be promoted to full time staff. Potential employees should look at what skills they need in order to get their employment extended.

Employees should always know their schedule and the best times for going to school and work.

Seasonal employees should also check to see that they work for company that hires seasonal employees as full-time employees.

Even though some people have never worked a seasonal job before, they might want to start one during the holiday season, since it is a good time for companies to hire seasonal employees.

As a potential employee, one should know and work on their individual skills. Past job experiences does help during the application process. Some of us have great people skills, and working a job that involves those skills can be enjoyable and will seem effortless.
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