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Reporter of the Month

Reporter of the Month is an award given to a staff writer of the Erie Square Gazette for journalistic excellence or above and beyond assistance given to help the Gazette in its mission to produce a quality publication for the students of SC4. Staff writers are chosen by vote from the editorial team.


Photo provided by Jennifer Gibson

Another unanimous vote was cast from the editorial team for December’s Reporter of the Month and we are pleased to announce the final recipient of the recognition for the fall semester, Jennifer Gibson.

Jennifer came to us at the beginning of the semester and has already made an impression within the Erie Square Gazette newsroom as an excellent writer.

Her commentary in editorials and her news articles were well developed and full of information. She always made herself available for the editors when they had a question during the editing process.

Jennifer recently announced in her point of view story in the current issue that journalism writing is not for her, but she has found her love for creative writing through her time in the journalism practicum.

And while we at the Gazette are sad to see her go, we have nothing but good things to say about her talent as a writer and her knack for language.

On behalf of the Erie Square Gazette staff, we’d like to thank Jennifer for the effort that she put into the publication.

We wish her the best of luck with her creative writing and will be patiently waiting for the first novel.

Erick Fredendall