/Actors and audience go back to the 20’s

Actors and audience go back to the 20’s

SC4 Players’ perform F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, ‘The Great Gatsby’


The SC4 Player’s performance of the Great Gatsby was met with many laughs, gasps, and overall audience approval on the weekend of December 5th.

Elizabeth Wentzel as Daisy Buchanan during a flashback scene in SC4’s production of The Great Gatsby in SC4’s Fine Arts Theatre. Photo credit Angie Stoecklin.

‘The Great Gatsby’ takes place during the roaring 20’s in a somewhat divided New York. The main plot is that Jay Gatsby, who is madly in love with his former lover and now married Daisy Buchanan, buys an extravagant house across the water from Daisy in order to be closer to her, in hopes that they will cross path’s once again. When Gatsby befriends Daisy’s cousin Nick Carraway, he becomes the catalyst that reunites the two lovers, resulting in a dramatic chain of events.

Nick Carraway, played by August Smith, has been in a handful of SC4 plays. But he celebrated this role the most, since playing Nick Carraway is the biggest role he has had in theatre thus far. “It’s been incredible. This has been my escape from the rest of the world. The love and support I get from all these actors, it’s amazing, I appreciate all those who have come out to see this production.”

Director Tom Kephart admitted that although there were a few minor problems prior to production, the actors enthusiasm, commitment and talent was not one of them. “I really never had a time where I was thinking that they aren’t going to get the character’s or remember their lines, they were getting it right from the beginning. They had so many ideas as we were talking about it, they were really into the story, so that made my job that much easier.” Kephart said.

Gregory Garofalo as Jay Gatsby and Elizabeth Wentzel as Daisy Buchanan in SC4’s production of The Great Gatsby. Photo credit Angie Stoecklin.

Gregory Garofalo, otherwise known as Jay Gatsby in the play, smiled widely as he reflected upon the entire experience of the production. “The whole cast was very friendly and welcoming. I’ve done many productions before and it’s hard to find a very strong cast, and people who fit their parts perfectly. Everyone played their characters wonderfully and were very dedicated.” Garofalo said.

An audience talkback followed the show on Thursday, during which audience members were eager to raise their hands and congratulate the actors, as well as theatre director Tom Kephart, on a “fantastic production,” as said by audience member Holly Cook.

Cook, who also attended SC4 Player‘s production of ‘An Evening of Shel Silverstien,’ was impressed with the actors‘ improvement. “You can see how the actors have grown, they’ve gotten a little more comfortable on the stage, watching this you can see how they’ve matured as actors.”

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