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Miss Marvel NOW


A new Miss Marvel has been chosen! Carol Danvers left the mantel of Miss Marvel behind in 2012 to become Captain Marvel in her own solo book. Since then, there has been no acting Miss Marvel in the marvel universe until now.

The book is set to premier February 2014, and will be penned by G. Willow Wilson with former “runaways” artist Adrian Alphona.

Replacing carol Danvers in her own solo book will be a 16 year old Muslim girl from New Jersey named Kamala Kahn, according to an interview on marvel.com with the creative team behind the new book.

When Kamala discovers that she can change shape, she decides to put on a costume and take up the mantel of Miss Marvel.

According to G Willow Wilson, Kamala is a huge fan of the former Miss Marvel Carol Danvers. “Carol Danvers is an ideal that Kamala Pines for, she is strong, beautiful, and doesn’t have any of the baggage of being Pakistani and different” said Wilson in an interview on the New York Times website.

What we have to look forward narratively according to Willow Wilson in the interview with at Marvel.com:

In the first arc, Kamala’s will is her own primary article obstacle. She has to grapple with overwhelming new powers, decide whether it’s safe to tell anybody, and juggle becoming a teen superhero with the expectation of her conservative Pakistani family”. Wilson went on to say, “Islam is both a part an essential part of her identity and something she struggles with. She’s not a poster girl for the religion or some kind of token minority”.

With comics appealing to a wider range of people across genders and religions than ever, it’s great that comics are slowly developing wider more diverse characters in the spotlight. Although comics are not developing as fast as I would like to see, or as it should be, it’s good to see steps in the right direction.


Zack Penzien

Production Editor