/Worth the agonizing wait

Worth the agonizing wait

Final installment of Divergent trilogy stacks up to predecessor


allegiant-book-cover-high-res I was absolutely crushed when I left the theater back in 2003 after viewing Matrix Reloaded. To my 12 year old self, I believed the first Matrix was flawless and was highly anticipating the sequels. My pal and I concocted a plan for her brother to sneak us in to the rated “R” film, so my mom would never find out. The third one would be better, I lied to myself.

I betrayed my mother for a pile of crap masquerading as a follow-up to my favorite movie.

This October I picked up Divergent for my Kindle to read while dog-sitting at my parent’s house. The husband was away and my sole companions were not known to speak human and with seasonal work dying down I was left with plentiful hours to just read.

After the second chapter of Divergent, I was thankful for the extra hours. I ate the words on the page so fast it might as well have been popcorn. Analogies of eating this book aren’t even enough: I poured the words directly into my brain; they couldn’t get there fast enough. After finishing in a matter of a day – breaking only to sleep or raid my parent’s fridge – I bought the sequel, Insurgent, and engulfed that too.

The highly anticipated third installment to the series, Allegient, came out recently. Seeing Amazon’s customer rating on the book made me nervous I would experience the same crushing blow to a series I had loved a decade earlier. I dreaded loading page one. Would my torturous wait for this book leave me in a sad puddle pretending it didn’t exist?

Twenty hours later and over halfway through the book, I’m elated to report I committed myself. Veronica Roth employs a writing technique that was the reason I fell in love with Dean Koontz’s stories: she changes viewpoints almost ever chapter between the two main characters, instead of her previous static.

While the ending frustrated my possibly-over-emotional attachment to fictional characters, I adored this book. Already the first page of the first book has graced my kindle, and my National Novel Writing Month novel is calling me, albeit late.

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