/The terrible twosome: a radiant tandem reunites

The terrible twosome: a radiant tandem reunites

A successful season for women’s basketball rewarded them with the eastern conference championship and led them to be MCCAA champions with an NJCAA national title.

The 2012-13 season was an eventful year that resulted in a continuous streak of wins along with the Skippers going undefeated on their home court.

With a 32-3 overall record, the Skippers made enhancements to the team that would increase their chances of taking the national championship this year, as they finished in fourth place last season in the NJCAA tournament.

Haley Rutledge, a Jackson Community College transfer, joins the team for the 2013-14 season at guard with a special set of skills.

Rutledge, being named second team MCCAA west and the western conference all freshman team, is surely to bring a newly established talent to the team.

Averaging 11.3 points per game, Rutledge not only joins a newly branded championship team – she joins a former high school teammate – forward, Rachel Kehoe.

“These ladies have great leadership qualities,” said MCCAA coach of the year recipient, Michael Groulx, “they do what needs to be done, always being the first ones to practice and last ones to leave.”

Rutledge and Kehoe, both being St. Clair High School graduates, reconcile on the court after a year of being apart.

“Even though we didn’t play with each other last year, we still have that sync,” says Kehoe about her past with Rutledge, “it’s crazy.”

Rutledge notes that even after a year apart, the flow of the play has not disappeared from the dynamic duo.

“You can tell in practice that we have played on a team, and this is our fourth year together so we know how each other plays.”

Standing at an impressive 6’4”, Kehoe plans to utilize Rutledge’s talents in the team’s effort to take the national championship.

“I know that when she is open,” Kehoe winks at Rutledge and smiles, “she’s got that.”

The home opener for the women’s basketball team is Nov. 15 against Vincennes University at 7 p.m.

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