/The force pulls in a crowd

The force pulls in a crowd

Star Wars casters arrive in Troy


Nov. 17 was a moment for the history books as Troy was visited by casters for the sixth Star Wars sequel: Star Wars Episode VII.

It has been thirty-six years since audiences were first taken back a long time ago to a galaxy far, far away, and yet the epic space opera has remained strong with a loyal fan base. This could not be represented clearer than at the Somerset Inn, where open auditions were held for the upcoming sequel.

A line of excited fans and actors stood outside of the hotel wrapping around half of the building. Hundreds of people were brought into the ballroom to be seated and eagerly await the open auditions.

Despite the event’s misleading title, the open auditions were not auditions at all. It was a company meet and greet; a screening process to separate the actors from the fan boys.

Attendants were also surprised with a visit from Storm Trooper Muppets who kick started the event after an hour or so of waiting. The casters spent a mere minute with the potential stars, accepting resumes and head shots. They then encouraged applicants to send in a video audition.

The new Jedi journey is looking out to the world for the lead roles for the upcoming 2015 movie. The roles were vaguely named and described as Rachel, and Thomas. A brother and sister duo who have grown up looking out for one another.

The afternoon was history in the making, as people from all over came to participate. “We came out from Cleveland.” One attendee mentioned, “There’s no way I would miss this opportunity.”

People such as this were not few in number, many people in the crowd had come from different cities and states alike. The event ran from noon until five o’clock, with the crowds never once dying down.

The meet and greet is moving cross country in only five other cities, which brings a level of possibility into perspective. The next Star Wars star could originate from a maritime capitol not so far away. And to all of those who auditioned, may the force be with you.


Gregory Garofalo

Staff Writer