/Reporter of the Month

Reporter of the Month

The editorial board is pleased to announce Gregory Garofalo as November’s Reporter of the Month.

Greg joined the Erie Square Gazette after being introduced to the club at Student Government’s Club Awareness Day and promptly began making his presence known in the newsroom.

Starting from scratch in a new environment, Greg leapt right into reporting by volunteering to cover the Red Carpet Affair, the largest annual fundraiser held on SC4’s campus.

Copy editor Emily Mainguy also attended the affair to take photos for the ESG and monitor our new reporter’s progress.

He really impressed me,” Mainguy said, “at one point he just stood up and said “I think I am going to go interview some people,” and left. He came back with over five different sources.”

Greg has participated in every single production since he joined the paper, writing last minute stories to fill space and searching for calendar items, one of the more droll responsibilities we handle during production nights.

Lastly, and certainly the most important: Greg has proven to the editorial staff that he wants to keep learning. He has consulted with editors multiple times while developing his stories, always asking for advice and tips on how to structure sentences and improve his craft.

Greg has become a valuable asset to the Erie Square Gazette, and the editorial staff is very excited to see more of Greg in the semesters to come.

Reporter of the Month is an award given to a staff writer of the Erie Square Gazette for journalistic excellence or above and beyond assistance given to help the Gazette in its mission to produce a quality publication for the students of SC4. Staff writers are chosen by vote from the editorial team.