/New policy on tobacco

New policy on tobacco

Despite Protest, the Tobacco Ban is passed

Some looked for a compromise, some an outright ban. Whatever they wanted, the policy is changing, and soon.

On Nov. 14, the Board of Trustee met and voted on a Campus wide tobacco ban. It passed, 5-1, with only the chair, John D. Adair, voting against.

So what does this mean for students at SC4?

Effective August 1, 2014, “ the use of any tobacco products whether smoking, chewing or otherwise, anywhere on the St. Clair County Community College campus, including buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, building entrances, common areas and in college-owned vehicles” is prohibited, as stated in the policy.

Jeremy Taylor, 19, a student at SC4 said he didn’t think people should smoke on campus or near campus at all. “The students that smoke are going to say that this isn’t right, but smoking here, on a school campus, isn’t good. It isn’t helping anyone.”

SC4 student Chris Campbell, 21, stopped to give his view on the ban. He said that as a smoker who follows the 20ft rule set by the board back in 2010, that this too large of a punishment. “There should be a compromise.”

As the meeting began, 4 individuals stood up to give their say on the ban, one of which was Campbell. “Instead of banning it all together, they could fine the people who do smoke next to the buildings.”

The Board is leaving the enforcement and smaller details to the administration.

Enforcement of the ban is what seems to be on the minds of students now. The Board was careful about this and is leaving administration to decide the punishment.

The question of E-cigarettes also came up, but the Board is leaving this to the administration also.

The possibility of a Wellness Program for both students and staff was also mentioned for those who wish to quit, as to not struggle with the ban.


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