/Last stop, Last Vegas

Last stop, Last Vegas

New Turteltaub film a witty and lighthearted comedy


Last Vegas stars Michael Douglas as Billy, Robert De Niro as Paddy, Morgan Freeman as Archie and Kevin Kline as Sam.

last-vegas-poster1  Last Vegas starts with showing this group of guys when they were in their pre-teens and the

friendship that they have. Some of the scenes show a more serious side of the movie and characters.

The movie is about a group of older gentlemen who get back in touch for their friend Billy’s bachelor party. The character Billy is marrying a younger woman who is in her thirties. The film’s storyline is very easy to follow, and it shows a group of older male friends that go to Las Vegas.

The serious side tackled issues like broken friendships, losing loved ones, and growing older.

The movie showed a real relationships, issues and friendships.

The characters were extremely likeable and are extremely real. The humor was somewhat dirty and witty. All four of the characters had their own storylines that connected together.

The characters had their own personalities. Billy was the ladies’ man, Paddy was the tough guy who is very sensitive, Archie is the guy who is wise and very independent, and Sam is blunt and goofy guy. The characters were all on a mission to do something new and different – expect Paddy, who just wanted to go home.

The films only female lead is Mary Steenburgen as Diana, a lounge singer who sparks the romantic interest of Paddy and Billy. She helps the men learn more about life and love. The comedy and the dramatic scenes were spread equally.

The actors never outshined each other and they worked well together. The four leading males looked like real friends. The ending of the movie was a little predictable. The characters grow and learn though watching the different things that they are going through together and independently.

The movie carries a theme that can be summarized best by a quote from Robert De Niro: “Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.”

Mairead Warner

Staff Writer