//Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

Gypsy’s “Under the Weather”

A new album for a new band


Port Huron’s small but unique culture has created an environment for musical and artistic development. Right in the center of this expansion a group of local SC4 alumni formed a rising band, Gasoline Gypsy.

The band’s music style is considered, by the members, as loose rock and roll because they write their own songs and play covers of many different styles.

The current line-up for the band is Robin Schweihofer, Steve Briere, Caleb Malooley, and Joe Makowski.

Briere and Malooley have been playing together for close to ten years and have been a part of three other bands. Malooley and Briere first met Schweihofer in SC4’s very own music theory class.

When they lost one of their last band members they started jamming with Schweihofer; who later introduced them to their current drummer, Joe Makowski. “He came to the first practice with crayon marks all over his snare drum and I remember wondering what we got ourselves into,” recalled Briere.

The band’s current members have only been together for about nine months according to Caleb Malooley, but the band’s name has been in use for about four to five years.

“Well the name is a bit strange, there was a song Caleb had written years ago and one of the lines was about a gypsy that would work for gasoline to keep traveling the world,” explained Robin Schweihofer.

They have an album in the works titled, “Under the Weather” which has eight tracks. It is currently being recorded by Lee Hoffman, owner of Scholar’s DJ’s and is also a DJ and Producer with Frat Boyz.

The band is working on signing with a record label. “As far as the record company goes we’re not able to disclose that information yet,” stated Schweihofer.

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