/Free Birds: A Fun Holiday Movie

Free Birds: A Fun Holiday Movie

A family must see

Free Birds stars Owen Wilson as Reggie, Woody Harrelson as Jake and Amy Poehler as Jenny. Free Birds is about Reggie a turkey who is seeking to find acceptance from other turkeys.
The storyline is about how Reggie and Jake plan on going back in time and stop the first Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

The characters have their own quirks. Reggie is the smart turkey and is the main character. He lacks in the muscle department.

Jake is more of the muscle and lacks in the brains department; however, he is a very competitive turkey.

Jenny is the fun-loving, strong and wise chief’s daughter, who is also a turkey. She does serve as a love interest for Reggie.

The heroes and the villains are pretty straight forward. The turkeys are obviously the good characters.

Myles Standish is a hunter hired by the town’s mayor. Myles Standish is the main villain and the farmers were the minor villains.

Reggie and Jake have is a brotherly relationship. Reggie and Jake’s personalities can sometimes clash, but work well together. The characters have their own personalities, and they have their own character flaws.

The movie is very easy to follow. The characters are extremely likeable. Free Birds does a good job expressing Thanksgiving through the turkey’s point of view.

Viewers do not often see holiday movies from an animal’s point of view, especially the turkeys. The beginning of the movie is slow paced; then it starts to pick up the pace.

The ending is very predictable.

It is a good family film for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The movie makes the viewer feel many different emotions. Some of these emotions range from happiness to sadness to excitement.

The characters have their own issues; whether it is a competition, trying fitting in or keeping group members safe. A viewer can learn some lessons from the characters.

One of the most obvious lessons is self-acceptation. Reggie struggled with accepting himself throughout the entire movie. Free Birds does bring out some of the elements in a science fiction movie. Free Birds had a good cast.

Mairead Warner

Staff Writer

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