/Club Activity Day yields small turnout, but much fun

Club Activity Day yields small turnout, but much fun

Student Government host’s dodgeball tournament



The last thing a person would want to hear before starting a friendly game of dodgeball is undoubtedly the phrase, “we have no balls!” That was exactly how this semester’s club activity day started out.

Despite the 5 teams who signed up for the event, only 3 teams showed up for the Student Government organized game of dodgeball. The clubs that participated were the Marketing and Management team, “Mazing Blue,” Zombie Defense Council’s “Doge Ballers,” and WSGR who combined themselves with the Erie Square Gazette into one team called “The Deadliners.”

In an effort to acquire as many participants as possible, Student Government encouraged all SC4 clubs to organize two teams per club. However, that did not happen.

The game was organized into a double round-robin tournament. “Mazing Blue” won the tournament with standings of 4-0, with the “Doge Ballers” coming in second with standings of 2-2, leaving “The Deadliners” at third place with standings of 0-4.

After winning the laser tag tournament in the 2013 winter semester, Marketing and Management’s dodgeball victory made it the first club to win twice in a row for Club Activity Day.

The winners for all 5 club activity days can be found on a plaque located outside of the Erie Square Gazette office near Room 123 in the Main Building.

Student Government plans to discuss the potential of another game for next semester’s club activity day at the next All Club meeting.

A lot of thoughts were kicked around, eating competition, fencing, and perhaps bringing back laser tag. We will probably have the decision after we discuss it at the All Club meeting in a couple weeks,” said Student Government president Sean Lathrop.

Despite the small turnout for the dodgeball tournament, the ultimate goal was for every club participating to relieve stress and have fun, which according to Lathrop, seemed to be the case.

Everyone enjoyed themselves,” Lathrop said.

Angie Stoecklin

Staff Writer


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