/By the power of Mjolnir!

By the power of Mjolnir!

Thor: The Dark World. A godlike sequel.

With all of these men in capes flying to the big screen lately, it’s easy to dismiss all of these superhero movies as white noise.

Thor: The Dark World” breaks this barrier in only the way Marvel Studios can deliver. In a phrase: “Thor: The Dark World” brings the hammer down!

Thor is back and mightier than ever. Breaking the bank with the box office sum of $479.8 million worldwide, the thunder god is now one of the largest grossing movies of the year.

With the returning talent of Chris Heimsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Anthony Hopkins; this sequel introduces fan favorite Christopher Eccelston as the new villain Malaketh; an ancient Dark Elf with the sole quest of bringing the days of darkness back to the universe.

Eccleston is not the only new name attached to the movie, Alan Taylor is the new man with the plan, as he takes over as Director.

The switch of directors from Kenneth Branagh to Alan Taylor does not go unnoticed. This film is considerably darker than its predecessor, or than any Marvel movie to date. This can be credited to Alan Taylor’s work on cult HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

The change of tone is something that appears to be deliberate, corresponding to Marvel’s Phase Two. Starting with the James Bond flare of Iron Man 3, Marvel’s Phase Two continues to change up the superhero game by keeping their movies fresh and exciting.

Unlike last summer’s Iron Man 3 which portrayed how Tony Stark dealt with the aftermath of the Avenger’s battle in New York. This movie not only sequels its 2011’s predecessor, but is a direct sequel to Marvel’s Avengers. Thor now has to clean up Loki’s mess from both of his previous films. In fact, one of the first few scenes displays the trickster god’s trial for his actions in New York.

Of course Marvel’s signature humor can be found sprinkled within the movie, one surprise cameo is especially memorable. However, the humor turns out to be Thor’s arrow to the knee. While the jokes are clever and witty, they are simply misplaced.

The majority of the “laugh out loud” moments occur during the climactic battle between Thor and Malaketh. This is something that should never happen in a movie. It diminishes any feelings of suspense, when it is needed most. As a friend of mine put it: “Why should I care what happens to the characters when a guy who can fly takes a subway?”

This flaw does not happen in all areas of the movie though, as quite a number of scenes will leave you wondering what happened to your nails. The film as a whole is a remarkable piece of movie magic.

Marvel continues to grab the imagination of their audience and leaving us hungry for more, with only exciting end credit scenes to keep us satisfied for now. The movie is a must see blockbuster of the year and will leave you feeling the might of Mjolnir.


Gregory Garofalo

Staff Writer