/Avoiding the launch day blues

Avoiding the launch day blues

What to know about the PS4 and XB1 before laying down the cash


With the Nov. 15 release of the Playstation 4 and the upcoming release of the Xbox One on N1ov. 22, having peace of mind before stepping into line to buy a console is paramount for any next-gen gamer.

This next generation of consoles offers a wide variety of pros and cons in the eyes of gamers with many hot button issues, namely the digital rights management (DRM), price, and console fail rates.

The Sony Playstation 4 is on the board first: gamers can get their hands on it right now.

With over a million consoles sold on the launch day alone, the PS4 is taking a very firm hold on the lead. But with the first week in the books, Sony is having a little trouble with its new system.

The PS4’s main problem at the moment is a fatal error that is “bricking” 1 of every 250 systems sold.0 This error has been nicknamed the “Blue Light of Death” since a blue light on the console pulses when this problem occurs.

According to Gamespot.com Sony reported the PS4’s failure rate was only 0.4%, but with over 1 million sold this makes over 4,000 consoles paperweights right out of the box.

The Xbox One camp has yet to release a failure rate for the console, but if it’s anything close to the Xbox 360’s 16% fail rate the XB1 could be sunk before the end of the year.

Another key issue for most of today’s gamers deciding on a console is DRM: the digital rights management. This is a way for development companies to not only keep track of gamers but to prevent piracy and maximize profits.

Microsoft reported earlier this the year that XB1 would need to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours. XB1 forums exploded with worried users who either didn’t have constant access to internet or thought that if Microsoft’s servers went down every XB1 gamer won’t be able to play at all.

They also noted that gamers couldn’t share games and once a game was purchased it would only work on one console. This would decimate the used game market and would force gamers to purchase multiple copies in order to share the game with friends.

But after a huge amount of backlash XB1 has retracted this statement and doesn’t plan on either of these features from being used. PS4 and XB1 will both function very similarly to the way the previous generation did in regarding DRM.

Finally the price point of each is a massive factor in today’s market.

The PS4 comes out at $399, while the XB1 will be $499 but comes bundled with the Kinect 1080p resolution camera. If gamers want to have the PS4’s camera they will need to buy it separately for $59.

Both are pretty fair prices as far as new consoles go, but with the holidays coming up the frugal gamer may want to wait for those Black Friday deals on one of the new systems.


Nicholas Wedyke

Managing Editor