/Artists band together to raise money for the arts

Artists band together to raise money for the arts

Potters Market returns to SC4


   The eleventh annual Potters Market will be coming back to the MTECH building.

Pottery on display in last year’s Potters Market. Photo used with permission by Celeste Skalnek.

The market will be open Thursday, Nov. 14 from 3-7 p.m.; Friday Nov. 15, Saturday Nov. 16, and Sunday Nov. 17 from 12-4 p.m.

The Potters Market is an annual event which exhibits work which is either handmade or wheel thrown with clay for sale. “We have 23 potters this year and 11 are either SC4 current students or alumni,” explained Celeste Skalnek.  

There are many different styles ranging from functional, to decorative and even crystalline or raku.

Some crystalline glazed pottery that will be at this year’s potters market. Photo used with permission of Mountains of Mudd Pottery.

A portion of the sales from this event will benefit the artists and the SC4 arts programs. “In our first year, 2003, we sold just over $3000 in pottery. Last year’s total was over $12,000,” Skalnek said.

For questions on this event call (810) 989-5709 or check the website: www.sc4.edu/arts.


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