//A tired title soldiers on

A tired title soldiers on

Call of Duty: Ghosts:” wasn’t worth the hype


Call of Duty: Ghosts” is not a bad game.

Honestly. The graphics are great, the gameplay mechanics are fluid and functional, multiplayer is in depth, and everything is just fine.

Except that this game has been seen before.

Ghosts” producers Infinity Ward have a formula that sells millions of copies, and they seem very reluctant to try anything new.

The campaign is a classic “Call of Duty” campaign; shoot all these guys, sneak a bit, rappel down a building, evacuate unsuccessful, and then get a rocket. Players of the series know the drill.

The story is unique; America is fighting a defensive war against a more powerful army. The United States on the ropes of a war is a rare and unique experience, and makes the campaign more enticing. Explosions and cool situations (an astronaut gunfight for example) at least keeps the story somewhat fresh and interesting to play.

Multiplayer is as in depth as ever, and has a few new features. New modes and old favorites have been made available, along with a new unlock system that uses an in-game currency.

Customizable characters is a first for a “Call of Duty” game; along with female characters. However, playing as a female and dealing with 14 year old boys fueled by Mountain Dew as they yell obscenities about what they will do to you is not something anyone should go through.

This is a major crutch for “Ghosts”. Multiplayer is frequented by foul mouthed cretins who howl and shriek like baboons when killed. This is not to say all “Call of Duty” players are unintelligent; most are just your average guys and girls playing a videogame and being civil to one another, but there are bad eggs around that make the experience less enjoyable for the whole.

The trailers for this game lead speculators to believe that “Ghosts” was heading in a bold new direction, revitalizing a series many gamers are beginning to see as going stale. In this instance, “Ghosts” does not deliver.

It is “Call of Duty” with a fresh coat of paint and a few new whistles and bells, but not worth $60.


Alex Olson

Staff Writer

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