//Wonder Woman: swords, blood and angry gods

Wonder Woman: swords, blood and angry gods

In late 2011, Brian Azzarello was hired to recreate Wonder Woman within the context of the new 52 reboot. It has consistently been one of the most interesting titles that DC has put out. You should be reading it.

wonder woman The biggest change in the book has been taking Wonder Woman almost completely out of the superhero game. Instead they have placed her in her own corner of the DCU that plays up the mythological angle of her character. Azzarello placed her in between of the angry goddess Hera, Zeus’s wife, and the mortal mother of a child of Zeus.

There are currently three volumes of Wonder Woman out in collected editions, volume one, “Blood,” volume two, “Guts” and volume three, “Iron” in hard cover. The trade format has a $15.99 cover price and the hard cover is $25.

As you can probably tell by the titles, Azzarello is pretty gruesome. Although in this title the violence does not feel over the top, probably due to the nature of the material. Greek myths often depicted the gods as super crazy so the violence is not out of place here.

While Wonder Woman still has her trademark “lasso of truth” she uses a sword and shield a lot more these days to stop what wants to kill her friends.

“I liked how it has Greek mythology worked into the main story. I also liked how more feminist views are worked into the story, women wanting to be treated as equals instead of superior,” said Tessa Bratton, former SC4 student. When asked about the lack of other superheroes in the book she said, “I think that it is good that the story has less other heroes in it, as to focus on wonder woman and her goals with story”.

The artist on the book, Cliff Chang, is really great at capturing some of the more odd stuff in this book. His designs of the monsters, gods, and armor all are super unique but all feel as a part of the same world. The covers that divide each issue inside the book are beautiful pieces of art included are the sketches of the cover.

If you’re interested in getting back into comics but are not feeling the superhero side of things, give Brian Azzrallo’s Wonder Woman a shot, or a stab.


Zachary Penzien

Production Editor